Privacy Policy

The Brazilian Society of Cardiology (BSC) cares about the privacy of its portal users’ and visitors’ information, thus, it ensures total secrecy, unless otherwise required by judicial orders. This policy may be changed at any time and will always be available for reference on the website.

1. Privacy Commitment

The following rules clarify how personal information of users are obtained and are intended for regulating the use and destination of identifiable information (name, address, phone number, email, among others) and sensitive information (bank accounts, credit card numbers etc).

2. Collection of Information and Dissemination

Users have free access to the website and use most of the services without identification. Nonetheless, some services — such as Coração Online — require personal information for access. The users may choose to provide their personal details by filling out registration forms and this information is used internally for statistics.

This personal information may be used at any time and date, solely by BSC.

3. Which information is requested from users and how they will be used

When the users access the portal pages, the servers register anonymous information — without direct identification of internet users. This information will include the Internet Protocol (IP) used, the number of page views, the date and time of access, location, session time and user session, the provider that allowed the access, the browser used, and the areas of interest of each internet user.

This information has a general nature, and is not connected to any personal data. Therefore, it does not identify any specific users. Based on the total number of information in each of these categories, BSC evaluates users’ preferences, routines and habits. The result of this evaluation allows the Internet staff to industriously work to meet the needs of this group.

Some of this information is included in reports and disclosed to the website advertisers, including the daily and monthly number of pages viewed, the most searched pages of the website, and the days and times preferred by internet users.

6. Use of Cookies

Cookies are small data files sent by some websites to the browsers (software application for displaying web content) of their users. These files are stored in the hard disks of internet users’ computers every time a website is accessed. Cookies are typically used to track user traffic patterns, indicating the mostly viewed pages.

BSC uses these files for the website to be informed that the user has already accessed a given page or service, avoiding any other requests at each new connection. In other words, if the website includes a warning for internet users, the cookie will allow the user to view it only once, without the need for displaying the page/window/information on all accesses.

However, the cookies may not contain any personal information of users, such as name, address, email and others. They may not have access to data stored in the hard disk of internet users either, or else to other cookies created by other websites. A cookie file may only have personal information if users choose to send it while entering their registration data.

8. Commitment to the security and storage of information

BSC has firewalls which prevent invasions to its database. Besides this, very few employees may access this information. To protect the data of its users, BSC uses the same features it uses to protect its own information.

9. Contact for further information

For questions about the Privacy Policy, please send an email to tecnologia@cardiol.br

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