1. Authoritative

All health-related information in this portal is provided by trained and qualified professionals, unless it is expressly stated that a given instruction is given by an individual or organization not qualified in the medical area.

2. Complementarity

The information available in this portal is targeted at supporting, rather than replacing, the relationship between visitors and their doctors.

3. Privacy

All visitors registered in this portal will have their personal data kept under strict secrecy. Any data used for research purposes will have a quantitative character, not identifying any user. The persons in charge of the portal undertake to meet the minimum legal requirements of medical and health information privacy applicable in Brazil.

4. Attributions

If applicable, the information will be supported by clear reference to the sources referred to, and, if possible, with the respective HTML links. The date on which each medical website was updated for the last time will be clearly displayed (on the top or bottom of the page, for instance).

5. Justifiability

Any assertions made about the benefits and/or performance of a given treatment, commercial product or specific service will be supported by suitable and balanced evidence, as indicated in Principle 4.

6. Transparency

Visitors may contact the BSC Support by sending an email to sbcsuporte@cardiol.br or calling 55 21 3478-2700 for further information.

7. Financial Disclosure

Any financial aids given to the website will be clearly identified, including the identity of commercial and noncommercial organizations that contributed to the website with financial aid, services or material resources.

8. Advertising Policy

Any ads and other promotional materials will be presented to the visitors in such a way and context that makes it easy to tell them apart from the original material produced by the portal’s staff.

Advertising ads which are not in keeping with the principles listed here or generating any conflicts of interests will not be allowed.



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