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BSC and its Portal are willing to meets the needs of Brazilian cardiology, furthering the technical and scientific knowledge exchange among Brazilian and international cardiologists. One of its main concerns is the continuing education. It offers refresher and specialization scholarships, courses, online lectures, virtual conferences and the Virtual Congress.

Aiming to facilitate the dissemination and participation in Cardiology events, it enables members and non-members to sign up online for the BSC Congress, as well as for the Congresses of State Societies and Scientific Departments.

Furthermore, it spurs on scientific research and investigation by monthly publishing the journal Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia, which awards the best manuscripts of the year; not to mention the guidelines and standards and the theses database.

The Society also serves as an interface between cardiologists and patients, as it can be seen in the section Professional Quality.

In the Scientific portal, the BSC members have a restricted area where they can create or update their homepages, check the address and phone number of colleagues all over Brazil, use the webmail and the Personal Appointment Book.

The Prevention Portal, designed for the laymen, gives tips on quality of life. It also presents tests of Smoking, Coronary Risk, Body Mass Index, Stress, Coronary Risk in 10 years; healthy recipes; Heart Bulletin; Prevention Campaigns; educational games and comic books.

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